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You want to learn Russian online? You are in the right place - Liden & Denz’s live online Russian courses have the same teachers and lesson content as the residential classes in our institutes in Russia. Our online lessons are conducted in exactly the same way, ensuring you benefit from our award-winning teaching methods and get the ideal help from our qualified native teachers. Regular homework and interactive participation guarantee that you can see swift progress in your Russian skills. We at Liden & Denz want to encourage you to constantly practice and improve your Russian and are committed to providing you the ideal learning experience.

Our multifunctional e-learning interface allows our students to work on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to ensure wide-ranging immersion. The screen turns into an interactive whiteboard, where students and teacher can write and/or type, any file types can be easily uploaded/downloaded (e.g. video, audio, pdf..). All lessons can be recorded and replayed later, which permits you to rehearse whenever and wherever you want.

Enjoying our Russian online classes means that you see, hear and speak with your teacher as if you were in the same room. All you need is a computer with a microphone, a camera and an internet connection.

Whether it is for a holiday, work or study, we offer you a customized opportunity to learn Russian online with an experience similar to our institutes in Russia and Latvia. Sign up today to secure your spot, at a time and a skill level suited to your needs.

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3 exciting reasons to learn Russian online:


Study remotely

If you can’t travel to a Russian-speaking environment for regular courses, we can come to your home or workplace via our online classroom


Prepare for a course

Why not begin your Russian classes online before you start your course in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk or Riga in order to make the most of the full immersion experience?


Continue your studies

Continue your classes online when you return home with the same teacher to make the most of your Russian skills at home

Check our Russian online lesson packages

Before you commit to buying one of our course packages, we invite you to book a free trial lesson so that you can see for yourself how the system works. Please note that taking a trial lesson does not commit you to anything – you can see how you like our method and then make your decision!

Each of our online Russian lessons lasts 50 minutes and they are constructed in a way which encourages active participation and interaction with the teacher.

Once you are done with your trial lesson, you can purchase any of the following packages. These packages can be purchased by credit card or bank payment on our secure and dedicated booking platform to which you will get access after your trial lesson. The more online lessons you book, the more you save – our pricing system is degressive and we suggest long-term commitment to ensure the best possible improvement of your Russian skills.

One-to-One lessons

  • 38 €


    38€ per lesson

  • best price

    600 €
    500 €

    25 lessons

    20€ per lesson

  • 290 €
    235 €

    10 lessons

    23.5€ per lesson

20 group lessons

Classes are held daily in blocks of 4 lessons and in the Moscow time zone (CET +2).
They are available on all levels from A1 (elementary) to C1 (advanced).

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Our advantages

Learn Russian Online Accreditation

Internationally accredited, high academic standards

Online Russian Courses teachers

All teachers qualified to teach Russian as a foreign language

Russian Online teaching material

Developement of our own teaching material

 Online Russian learning environment

Comfortable virtual learning environment

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