5 Reasons to Learn Russian Online

Russian is an extraordinarily difficult language. The best way to truly master the language is to spend time in the country and to experience the culture. However, it is clear that travelling to Russia can be an inconvenient commitment.

So why not learn it online? Here are some reasons why learning Russian online is an excellent way to continue the language.

conversation with russian

1) Conversation with Native Speakers

One of the trickiest things about learning Russian is the conversational aspect. The most useful way to speak like a Russian is to learn from a Russian. This is the best way to learn when to use accents, where the emphasis is within a word and practicing rolling your “r”s. You can learn how to speak proper Russian with one of our teachers.

In addition, you’ll be taught set phrases, conversational Russian and can extend your vocabulary through conversing with local people!

2) Learn from the Comfort of Your Home

Studying in a comfortable environment is extremely important for progress. By learning Russian online, you may not even need to leave your bed! You can avoid the Russian winters and still be able to improve your language.

The added bonus is that you’ll be able to access your materials. All the extra sheets and workbooks are all available on the learning platform!

learning platform

3) A Course tailored for You

Linked to the previous point, the online Russian courses are specifically tailored for you. The teachers will abide by your schedule, they will make accessible notes on your progress, and they will give you homework based on your skill set!

As opposed to a full class, you will receive 100% attention during your online sessions. The teacher can easily track your progress and specifically work on areas that you may feel uncomfortable with.

online learning schedule

4) Continued studies with the same teacher

Continuity is key. For those returning Liden & Denz students hoping to maintain their language skills away from Russia, you can continue to study with the very same teacher who taught you at the school. This means that you won’t need any introduction, the teacher is already familiar with you, and therefore you can just dive straight into the language without any interruption. It’s as if you’ve never left Russia.

5) Affordability

While speaking to Russian friends over FaceTime may be more affordable, there are not many alternatives available to Russian learners outside Russia. Independent Russian schools come few and far between, while potentially charging you more money due to the unique nature of what they teach. With Liden & Denz’s online learning programme, you have the opportunity to access Russian teaching from anywhere you want, at a lower cost than an international Russian language institute. We can bring Russia to you.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to maintain a language without continued practice. So why not just pick up where you left off? Learning Russian online is a simple, convenient and cost-effective alternative to travelling to the country. There is no better place to either begin or continue your voyage into the Russian language.

Want to learn Russian online?

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Learning Russian online really has a lot of advantages. We can choose a convenient time for us to communicate with the native speakers.

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